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Lawyers define Elder Law in various ways.  The Family Elder Law Firm defines Elder Law as the holistic and comprehensive approach to the legal affairs of the elderly and their families.  We believe this definition is most applicable to what we do on a day to day basis since a complete and total family plan is the best method to plan for the future as we age. 

As you can imagine, this area of law demands expansive coverage due to the many issues we encounter as we age.  Our families have all experienced the many changes associated with aging.  We have loved ones that become ill and eventually pass away.  Our family dynamics are often changing.  Our family's finances fluctuate.  We fear the need for long-term care often so much that the family often denies its very existence.  And such denial is completely understandable as no family really wants to think about a loved one's mental, physical, and spiritual health worsening.  It is painful enough to imagine, let alone to experience. 

However, that is why planning for change is powerfully crucial and timely.  We are often called to help those who struggle with taking care of a loved one with a debilitating impairment once the crisis is already upon the family.  Perhaps it is a combination of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease with other physical or mental impairments that gradually makes the loved one incapable of caring for him or herself. 

An example of an all too familiar crisis is when a nursing facility or hospital informs the loved one and his or her family that the loved one is no longer capable of residing at home.  Often, the loved one needs to be placed in a nursing home and there is a familiar fear of how to pay for that type of extensive care.  While we can still help these families plan to provide for the appropriate care while protecting their assets, such families do not have as many options available to them that others have when they have planned well in advance.

Ranging from the formulation of a plan to provide for a family by having the proper estate plan, to having a family come together to plan in advance before an impairment becomes more debilitating, to planning for a loved one's special needs, and extending all the way to that time where Medicaid & Crisis Nursing Home Planning is being sought—we are here to serve those needs. 

Our goal is not to impress you with legal terms and techniques but rather to listen to what your issues are, determine what you would like to try and accomplish, and then sensitively and patiently assist you and your family with an actionable plan that will provide the appropriate solutions to accomplish your goals.