Proactive Planning

Sometimes not having a plan is indeed a plan -- just not a very good one -- and complete randomness and the circumstances that exist when the crisis occurs are the cards you are dealt.

Quite often, families that plan ahead of the crisis are motivated to do so due to a previous experience or education that leads them to act sooner rather than later.  By proactively planning ahead, before impairments remove one's own decision making powers and/or prior to the need for long-term care, many more planning options are available. In contemplating the future, we are able to collaboratively determine which type of comprehensive proactive planning may best fit your needs. Perhaps, you are able to avail yourself to long-term care insurance or products of that nature.  Perhaps, you are a Veteran or the surviving widow of a Veteran, and can plan for Veterans Administration benefits. Perhaps, it is too late for you or your loved one to purchase long-term care insurance, but not too late for you to begin planning via other methods.


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