Plant City, FL Estate Planning

Speaking with loved ones about end of life plans is always difficult. When Plant City residents think about estate planning, they quickly realize that planning alleviates stress for loved ones. Ignoring the important process of estate planning can cost family members time and money in taxes and probate fees in the end. Addressing important decisions, such as who will raise your kids, are decisions best made my the living, not the courts following an untimely and tragic death. Time and money invested into estate planning provides a peace of mind that comes from knowing that, although you won't be around forever, your planning will place your loved ones in a good position.

Plant City, FL Estate Planning Services

Plant City Estate Planning

Estate planning is a broad term that addresses how matters related to property, money and family will be treated and distributed after death. There are a few primary components of estate planning and they include:

  • Creating a Will. A will is a master document that instructs the court, during probate, on the distribution of assets, including property. Fewer than half of Americans have a last will and testament in effect. Without a legal will, the probate court will decide matters of property distribution and matters of child custody.
  • Minimizing administrative issues. When a Plant City resident owns substantial wealth, paperwork and taxes can get out of hand quickly. Estate lawyers can minimize taxes and paperwork associated with assets and the transfer of ownership.
  • Assigning a power of attorney. Deciding who will make financial and health care decisions for you in the event of incapacitation is another important part of estate planning.

Florida Estate Planning with Family Elder Law

The professional staff at Family Elder Law makes the process of estate planning as easy, affordable, and stress free as possible. We take the time to listen to your needs and put your plans in place. To learn more about planning your estate and/or to make an appointment, call us at 863 676-8432.