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Finding a way to support long-term health conditions requires strategic planning to provide the reliable care needed. Especially with finding care for elderly patients, options to fund living expenses in nursing homes or extended stay facilities may be limited. While Medicare offers a level of support, it only suffices for short-term care. Once that option is exhausted, applying for Medicaid is your best choice. 

Effective Medicaid Planning

As a needs-based program, applications for Medicaid must prove that your condition requires treatment and that you are eligible according to all of the program’s stipulations. Without a complete understanding of all the regulations, you may unintentionally make yourself illegible or weakly position your financial assets for the future. While it may seem like you can apply for Medicaid on your own or with the help of a cheaper party, hiring an attorney specializing in elder law services is the safest option to secure the aid you need and preserve your financial future. Attorneys save time by presenting the proof of your need in the most effective manner. Additionally, attorneys can securely position your estate for future asset transfers to your family without being charged exorbitant taxes and fees related to Medicaid. 

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At Family Elder Law, our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping our clients access the highest level of support they can find through Medicaid and careful financial planning. We aim to defend the rights of those in need of Medicaid provisions so that they can enjoy life with greater peace and comfort. Building upon our past success and extensive experience, Family Elder Law is one of the most trusted law firms for families around Lakeland, Florida. If you need professional assistance with your family’s Medicaid application, please contact us today! Our knowledgeable attorneys and legal team are ready to provide you with the support you need.