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Few, if any, of us want to think about what happens after we die. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, we like to think that we're immortal. However, ignoring your estate planning can cost your heirs a lot of money in taxes and probate fees. It can even cause important decisions, such as who will raise your kids, to be made by someone whom you never met. The money and time you spend with an estate planning attorney will help give you and those who will likely survive you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, although you won't be around forever, your planning will help to take care of those you love even after you're gone.

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Planning your estate is an umbrella term that encompasses everything about how your property, money and family will be treated and distributed after your death. The first part of this is a will. This is the master document that instructs the court on whom you want to inherit your property. Fewer than half of Americans have prepared a last will and testament. Without this document, the probate court will decide who gets your property, and that could be someone like an ex-spouse or distant cousin whom you barely know.

However, having a will prepared is just the first step to Florida estate planning. If you own real estate or substantial wealth, there are ways to minimize the taxes and paperwork associated with transferring ownership of those assets.

Another important part of estate planning is who you'd like to make financial and health care decisions for you if you were temporarily or permanently unable to make those decisions.

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