Lakeland, FL Nursing Home Planning

Medicaid and Medicare Nursing Home Planning Lakeland, FLNursing home planning is about more than just moving into your preferred care facility. Whether you are entering a Medicaid nursing home, Medicare nursing home or a private facility, the planning process is relatively similar. You'll start out by evaluating various nursing homes to determine which best meets your needs and fits in your budget. We can help you understand your Medicare or Medicaid benefits so that you can make the best possible choice.

Once you have chosen your nursing home, you'll need to decide what to do with your previous home. You can sell it, using the income from the sale to pay for your nursing home expenses, or you can hold onto it to bequeath to your heirs in your Last Will & Testament. At Family Elder Law, we have vast experience in preparing wills for seniors in Lakeland, FL and the neighboring suburbs, and we can help you prepare yours as well.

We can also assist you with setting up a power of attorney. This is a person you authorize to make medical and financial decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so for yourself, like if you suffer from dementia or need to be placed in a medically induced coma, among other possible scenarios. You'll need to be of sound mind when you name your power of attorney, so it is best to take care of this important task sooner rather than later, especially if your medical future is questionable.

From the moment you walk into our office, you'll be treated with respect and compassion. We know how difficult it can be to talk about end-of-life topics like wills and powers of attorney, so we strive to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible. Our attorneys will guide you through the process to minimize stress for you and get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We welcome you to get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation to start the nursing home planning process. We will answer any questions you have and ensure you are fully comfortable before moving forward.