Lakeland, FL Estate Planning

Death isn't something we want to think about. But if you care about your loved ones, it is important that you consider it long enough to plan your estate. It doesn't matter whether you are nearing 100 years old, or have just graduated from college, there is the unfortunate possibility that you will die tomorrow, and you owe it to your loved ones to arrange for that possibility before it happens. If you live in the Lakeland area, the best way to arrange for that possibility is to get professional, empathetic estate planning from Family Elder Law.

A Competent and Caring ApproachLakeland Estate Planning

At Family Elder Law, we understand that planning for death can be terrifying. When you hire our services, an estate planning attorney will approach that planning in a comforting and friendly way. While you will have full control, we will handle as many of the details as possible so that you are as comfortable with the process as possible.

And once you have planned your estate with Family Elder Law, you can arrange to periodically revisit your estate, in case your circumstances have changed or you want to add or remove individuals from benefiting from your estate. This is particularly important for younger clients who make estates before they get married or have children.

Power of Attorney

When thinking about Florida estate planning, most people simply about making a will. But designating power of attorney over financial and health decisions, in case you are incapacitated in any way, is equally important. Without such provisions in your estate, a court may make those decisions for your or appoint someone to make those decisions that doesn't have your best interests in mind. At Family Elder Law, an estate planning attorney will help you choose someone that will best serve your interests should the situation come up. Our experience will help you choose someone who will assuredly protect your interests, will most likely be available should such a circumstance arise, and who has the necessary knowledge to handle all the appropriate bureaucracy. The right decision now can literally be a life saver in the future.

Whether you are young or old, it is never too soon to talk to a Lakeland estate planning attorney at Family Elder Law.