Lakeland, FL Elder Law

As we age, we face different challenges and approach life from a different perspective. Our legal affairs are no exception. Having an experienced team of elder law professionals can provide far-sighted counsel that gives peace of mind for seniors and families.

What is Elder Law?Lakeland Elder Law

To protect vulnerable populations, the legal system passes laws that have good intent but can be difficult to understand. There is a multitude of statutes that protect senior citizens from exploitation and keep their hard-earned resources preserved. Additionally, elder law gives seniors access to health-related benefits that may be challenging to successfully claim on their own. At Family Elder Law, we help seniors navigate through every type of law to help them prepare for everything that may come their way. 

Specifically, elder law encompasses many areas including, but not limited to:

  • Long-term care planning. Ensuring that seniors are living their final years in the place of their choice and in an affordable manner is important to everyone involved.
  • Living Will planning. An advanced directive for physicians eliminates difficult and emotional decisions for loved ones.
  • Estate planning. Leaving a legacy in a manner that is carefully planned is always preferable to relying on mandates.
  • Medicaid and assisted living planning. Understanding available benefits and having them work for you, as you plan alternative care solutions ensures that benefits are allocated properly.

No one wants to burden their loved ones with difficult medical and financial choices, which is why it is important to convert your wishes into legal documents in the event that dementia or Alzheimer's creates an impairment later down the road. Although these issues are difficult to discuss, planning for possible long term events that are common to the elderly provides families with the security of knowing that they are honoring the wishes of their loved one every step of the way.

Seeking The Professionals at Family Elder Law

Addressing the future proactively provides a sense of peace as we age, knowing that a plan is in place. There are many choices, but when seniors are seeking elder law attorneys in Lakeland, turning to Family Elder Law is a wise decision. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you and your family!