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Veterans Benefits Lake Wales, FL

At Family Elder Law, we salute our brave hometown heroes who have served our nation in the Military. We work to assist local veterans in helping them understand and receive the maximum amount of benefits accessible to them. The legislature has designated a broad array of benefits to help veterans cover medical and disability fees. And we can help.

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While you might have the option to compile an application on your own, often the overseeing office denies coverage to veterans due to incomplete applications. Legal representation can assist you in applying to receive the maximum compensation that you deserve. Our accomplished team, led by our Veterans Administration ("VA") Accredited Attorney, Jason A. Penrod, has an established comprehension of the legitimate prerequisites of the application. To help you receive the maximum amount of benefits, we find the most effective points to focus on and present your claim promptly and correctly the first time to eliminate delays caused by time-consuming revisions and resubmissions.

You Served Your Country, Now Let Your Country Serve You

Applying for veteran benefits may seem overwhelming when filing without legal assistance. Finding all the proper documentation and presenting evidence of your financial and medical needs becomes a challenging and rigorous legal journey. Veteran benefits cover a wide range of medical conditions and disabilities, and we can help you develop your case by detailing the costs of treatment and the difficulties you face due to your injuries and conditions. Many individuals are eligible for a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Disability Compensation
  • Education & Training
  • Eligibility For Long Term Care
  • Health Care
  • Home Loan Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Nursing Home & Residential Care
  • Pension
  • Rehabilitation

In the application, we will clearly state your needs, informing authorities of the compelling reasons to provide sufficient coverage. You will need to provide detailed records of past treatments and the effect the injuries have on your daily life. The amount of coverage you receive is our primary concern to ensure that you can receive proper care now and in the future. In addition to submitting copies of your records, you may need to consult with vocational and medical professionals to include their unbiased opinions of your unique situation. Including all this pertinent information will provide the best possible claim to increase your chances of receiving adequate assistance.

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At Family Elder Law, our attorneys seek to bring the veterans, especially our Lake Wales heroes, the highest level of compensation. With a deep understanding of veterans law coupled with a long history of successful cases, you can depend on our unwavering support. Contact Us today to speak with one of our expert attorneys!