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Probate Attorney in Haines City, FLProbate law can be a difficult subject for many families. When someone passes away, the entire estate is often placed into probate as the recipients of pieces of that estate are worked out. Because probate law is so complicated and specific, a probate attorney is needed to help families sort out all of the legalities and to get each recipient what they are owed from the assets.

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The length of time that an estate remains in probate varies widely depending on the complexity of that estate and the number of people who have claims against it. However, it isn't just the heirs who are generally owed money from the assets in probate. Once a person passes away, they often owe multiple creditors. These may include medical bills, credit accounts and business creditors. It is the probate attorney who finds out who is owed and makes sure they get paid what they are due from the estate.

This process protects the heirs from owing these creditors later or any legal action being taken against them. The investigation process done by the probate lawyer also keeps creditors from making erroneous claims or asking for more than they are actually owed.

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When creditors are paid and the family is safe from these matters, the probate attorney can begin to distribute inheritance assets to the family members. Determining what is owed to whom comes down to the will in most cases, but it may be more complicated if family members can't agree on what is owed to them. A thorough understanding of probate law allows your experienced attorney to work with the family to settle disputes and get the estate distributed in just the way it should be. Never go it alone, as doing so can open you up to creditors trying to take advantage of probate. It can also leave family members open to lawsuits from both creditors and each other.

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