Haines City, FL Estate Planning

It is never fun to think about what happens after we die. However, when Haines City residents ignore estate planning, it can cost friends and relatives a considerable amount of time and money in taxes and probate fees. It is never too early to address important issues, such as, who will raise your children and who will inherit your home. The money and time invested with an estate planning attorney will provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your matters will be in order when you are gone.

Florida Estate Planning ServicesHaines City Estate Planning

Estate planning is a broad term that addresses all matters relating to how your property, money, and other assets will be distributed after your death. It also addresses who will care for any dependents that are currently in your care. There are a few important parts to estate planning that an estate planning lawyer can help with:

  1. Create a Will. The first step in estate planning is to create a will. A will is a legal document that instructs the court about the specifics about how property and assets will be distributed. Without a will in place, the probate court will decide how your estate is disbursed, which will not likely be in the manner that you prefer.
  2. Evaluate Tax Liability. For those who own real estate or other assets with substantial value, it is important to evaluate the best way to minimize paperwork and tax liability. Ensuring that your estate is well structured and documented creates a seamless situation for your heirs during the transfer.
  3. Decision Maker. Another important part of estate planning is assigning a trusted person to make financial and health care decisions, should you become unable to do so. Considering this in advance and having a conversation with your designated decision maker will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning with Family Elder Law

At Family Elder Law, we help to make Florida estate planning easy, affordable, and as stress free as possible. Our professional staff takes the time to listen to what's important to you and work to create a legal document accordingly. To learn more about planning your estate and/or to make an appointment, call us at 863 676-8432.