Florida Guardianship Services

Unfortunately, as we age, our ability to make clear, rational, and meaningful decisions can become hazy. When one struggles to continue to be able to make informed and level-headed decisions it may be time for them to be appointed a guardian. Just as adults are named guardians of children in exceptional circumstances, guardianship is also available for the elderly. Guardianship is the legal process wherein an adult individual is appointed by the court and assigned to perform the legal rights or acts on behalf of a person proven to be incapacitated. The guardian can be an individual or organization appointed to look after the well-being of an incapacitated individual and their assets.

Florida Guardianship Services

What Is The Role Of A Guardian

Assuming the role of a guardian is a massive responsibility as guardians can be required to manage another’s life in almost every aspect and make important decisions about their health and finances. Often because of the extent of care and decision making, the courts choose to name a spouse or another family member as guardians. However, if no family member is named or deemed acceptable, the court will appoint a professional or public guardian. This paid service is often compensated through funds released from the individual’s estate.

The duties of a guardian vary according to the individual case, but often guardians are responsible for:

  • Managing Finances
  • Health Care
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Medical Care
  • Housing
  • Managing Real Estate and Personal Property
  • Honoring End of Life Decisions


If you need help with appointing a guardian or understanding all the benefits and adjustments that come with guardianship, our elder law attorneys can help you fill out legal documents and understand whether guardianship is right for your family.

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