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Probate Lawyer in Frostproof, FLWhen a person passes away, the last thing on the minds of those around that person is the way the deceased's assets will be handled. However, all too soon, this reality sets in. The process of having the estate go through probate can be a long and complicated one for many families. There may be creditors that you aren't aware of, heirs that are a surprise or family disputes over who will get which part of the estate. This is where a probate attorney can be helpful.

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When an estate is in probate, the complexity of probate law can make it difficult for family members to go through it without legal help. Probate law has a number of rules about how assets are distributed and how the debts get taken care of. Generally, creditors must be discovered and the debt amounts verified before any funds are released from the estate. Your probate attorney can find out who is owed, how much is owed and keep creditors from demanding too much from the funds.

An attorney experienced in probate law will understand how difficult the process is for those who are trying to navigate the law as well as grieve a loved one. Your attorney will help you through the process, seeking to help you understand how probate law works and which assets are included in probate. Your attorney will also have seen many family disputes arise during the probate period and will be able to help you to find equitable solutions for everyone who has claims against the estate.

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Having a probate lawyer will also help you to avoid problems later by finding out about any creditors that the family wasn't aware of and ensuring that they receive what they are owed. By completing the process, family members will know that the estate is taken care of, the heirs will get what is possible for them to receive and that no creditors will come around later needed to be repaid. Contact us today or give us a call at 863-676-8432.