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Asset Protection Florida

One of the fundamental concepts of estate planning is asset protection. Asset protection refers to a set of strategies designed to safeguard one's wealth against potential lawsuits, creditors, and bankruptcy. Possible claims of fraudulent asset transfers are avoidable with proper estate planning created by our team of experienced elder law attorneys.

Asset protection techniques include:

  • Protecting the assets for children, grandchildren, and other minors;
  • Planning for a loved one with special needs;
  • Establishing a plan to preserve one's assets for retirement, and for the support of loved ones;
  • Planning for when one is unable to manage his/her finances;
  • Protecting against those who might abuse one's trust; and
  • Avoidance of negative tax consequences.

Protect Your Nest Egg From The Rising Costs Of A Nursing Home

Asset protection also allows for long-term care for the elderly, creating a reassuring plan that will endure despite expensive care and treatment. With the average Florida nursing home costing $83,950 annually, with monthly costs ranging between $4,440 and $13,200, a prolonged nursing home stay can be potentially a financial disaster to the family. To legally shield your assets, Medicaid planning must be accomplished on time and accurately not to violate any of the myriads of Medicaid rules and regulations that could result in ineligibility. Our legal team smoothly and professionally takes a sophisticated approach to protect your assets, wealth, and legacy during this time of urgency.

There are two approaches to family asset protection planning to be Medicaid eligible to help pay for nursing homes and other long-term care options:

  • Proactively planning to timely maximize opportunities to shelter income and assets for loved ones against the high cost of long-term nursing home care; 
  • Crisis planning to preserve and protect as many assets permissible by law in an urgent manner for the benefit of the individual in crisis

Shield Your Assets Legally

One cannot necessarily avoid inclusion of one's assets by giving them away, transferring ownership of one's home, or establishing joint accounts. Implementing special planning techniques is necessary to maximize asset protection opportunities. Thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations is imperative to navigate the complicated technicalities and details. A simple mistake can be catastrophic. With Family Elder Law, rest assured that a certified expert in Elder Law will be explaining the process to you in understandable terms while identifying the best planning opportunities to help you protect your assets and income. Let our team develop a proper asset protection plan and alleviate the stress caused by the fear of losing all the assets you worked a lifetime to accumulate.

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