Grocery Employee Pays Veteran's Bill

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May we all be as kind, caring, and generous to our nation's veterans as the young grocery employee in this article.  Read the story below:

Store employee pays veteran's grocery bill: 'The least I could do'

A grocery store employee is being praised for his kind gesture to a customer. 

Briar Poirier, from Oxford, Massachusetts, works the cash register at his local grocery store and describes himself as "an autistic man that loves music, knowledge, video gaming and compassion," on his Facebook page. 

His compassion was clearly on display last month when an elderly man, who was also a veteran, came through Poirier’s line at the grocery store, according to a report.

WBZ reported that the veteran had used up a $25 grocery store gift card, but still owed $3 to get all the items he needed. That’s when Poirier stepped in and paid the remaining balance himself. 

"The gentleman had a couple basic necessities and looked like he was a little down on his luck and the man fought for our country, fought for our freedoms, our rights," Poirier told WBZ. "It’s the least I could do for him."

Renee Falcioni, from Killingly, Connecticut, was also shopping that day and witnessed Poirier’s act of kindness. 

"I was an aisle ahead of Briar and he was cashing out an elderly man who happened to be a veteran," Falcioni told WBZ. "And the veteran was short paying for his grocery bill and without hesitation Briar took out his wallet and said, ‘I’ve got this.’"

"He shook his hand and said thank you and had a big smile from ear to ear," Falcioni told the station.

Falcioni also posted about Poirier’s kindness on a local Facebook group, which received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

"Thank you Briar for being such and amazing young man and a big thank you to your parents for raising such an amazing kind hearted, conscientious and caring young man!!!" Falcioni wrote on Facebook.

By Ann W. Schmidt | Fox News

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