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How to Choose An Elder Law Attorney

Like most choices in life, it is important to choose wisely when picking an attorney.  However, it is especially critical to select the right Elder Law attorney when one is needed due to the serious nature of issues that confront seniors and their families.  

Unlike a conventional residential real estate transaction, where there may not be diverse legal issues to analyze, there are a breadth of issues to comprehensively manage for an Elder Law attorney.  Seniors often have health care, incapacity, living arrangements, finances, estate and other issues that need to be managed and that compete with one another at times. 

These issues are not only difficult to deal with on an individual basis, but can form quite the dilemma when having to be dealt with simultaneously.  The other critical component to understand is that many of our elderly cannot recover from mistakes in their planning.  Thus, it is vital that our aging population is getting the best advice possible.

As the only Elder Law Attorney, certified by both the Florida Bar and the National Elder Law Foundation in Polk & Highlands Counties, my clients and their families can rest assured in the counsel they receive.  While there are some very competent elder law attorneys that are not certified, there are also attorneys that portray themselves as Elder Law attorneys despite having only limited experience in certain aspects tangential to Elder Law. 

With the legal market as difficult as it is, people need to be aware that there is an increase in attorneys venturing into areas of which they be unfamiliar.  Unfortunately, a lack of experience can produce irreparable results.  In sum: Buyer beware!  Go with experience and a proven track record when it comes to your loved one’s Elder Law concerns.  

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