Asset Protection Services in Auburndale FL

Asset Protection Services in Auburndale FLWith asset protection planning, you can establish greater security against any potential issues that may arise later in life. Through careful preparation, your assets will be secured against sudden losses and they will be safely positioned for growth with long-term strategies. Asset protection also identifies other sources of income and benefits that can be used for medical care and long-term care, creating reassurance for any unexpected circumstances to come.

How Does Asset Protection Help My Family?

Highly connected to estate planning, asset protection includes strategic resource management that covers current and future uses and ownership of your assets. Our plans streamline the process of designating transfers of your assets to family members and organizations as you fully intend. Examples of how asset protection can benefit you include: 

  • Protection for asset transfers to children, grandchildren, and other minors
  • Planning for special needs care for a loved one
  • Minimizing excessive tax policies on your assets
  • Protecting against exploitation or misuse of your resources
  • Establishing a detailed plan for asset preservation
  • Planning ahead for someone who cannot manage his/her finances on their own

Can Asset Protection Help To Secure Medicaid? 

Long-term care in nursing homes around Auburndale can cost around $6,900 per month on average, a high cost for many to consider. While many people do receive some relief from programs like Medicaid, there are also a number of stipulations that can limit benefits depending on how you structure your assets. However, experienced asset protection attorneys will be able to structure your assets and determine strategies to shield them from excessive taxes. Additionally, these layouts can help you to secure Medicaid to help pay for high cost of nursing home fees. Our elder law attorneys will help your family determine the best ways to support long-term care costs.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney

Asset protection an integral piece of elder  law involving regulations that frequently change. Most families are not aware of the significant savings that can come from professional asset protection planning services. At Family Elder Law, our attorneys will explain every step of the process behind asset protection planning to you. We will make sure you can clearly see how we will actively help your family so that you can relax, knowing that your assets are safely secured.

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