Family Elder Law Firm, P.A.

Family Elder Law Firm History


The Family Elder Law Firm is dedicated to assisting the elderly and their families with the challenges that accompany aging. Whether it is Medicaid Crisis Nursing Home Planning, attempting to proactively plan so one does not need to reside in a nursing home, planning for a loved one with special needs, or contemplating the future and how to leave a legacy for the family, our Family Elder Law team prides itself on uniquely providing quality counsel and legal services while doing so in an understandable and compassionate manner.


Jason opened Family Elder Law in early 2013 in downtown Lake Wales as an establishment committed to assisting the elderly and their families plan as they encounter the issues that accompany aging. Prior to opening his own establishment, Jason practiced Elder Law with his former firm, Weaver, McClendon & Penrod, LLP, for 8 years.

One of Jason's greatest inspirations for beginning an Elder Law Practice was listening to renown attorney Scott Solkoff during an Elder Law conference in Tampa.  During Scott's presentation, he quoted his father, Jerome I. Solkoff, Esq. (often referred to as the Godfather of Elder Law in Florida), on the essence of becoming a successful Elder Law Attorney: “You do well by doing good.”  To this day, Jason has used this mantra as a mission statement for helping his clients while developing his Elder Law practice.


Family Elder Law Logo


Our Logo

Proudly hailing from Buffalo, New York, Jason has always had an affinity for Buffalo images, especially the buffalo animal itself which symbolizes the durability and strong character of the Western New York community.  Deciding that his Elder Law Firm would incorporate the word "family" in its official name, due to the nature of Elder Law Planning and how often the family is integral to comprehensive planning, he collaborated with his home town friend and Operations Director Dennis Scovazzo on ideas for a firm logo.

Dennis made the suggestion of using a buffalo since it is an animal that is emblematic of strength and determination. That idea spurred further brainstorming which involved the use of a family of buffalo. Jason's wife Monica envisioned an image of the tree of life representing longevity, vast reaching roots, and shade that provides solace and comfort.

Eventually, the idea blossomed in to what you see today. The elder buffalo and the tree symbolize the foundation of the family. The logo depicts two generations of buffalo approaching to assist the elder buffalo who is taking rest under a large tree that has stood its ground for many years. As good families often demonstrate, we humbly rally to take care of our parents and grandparents when they are in need. It is the least we can do, for all that our older generations have done for us.

Belief in Our Community

We love Lake Wales and our surrounding communities in Polk & Highlands counties. The Family Elder Law Firm pledges to support the community. With Bok Tower Gardens' bells echoing in the background, we aspire to honor Edward Bok's grandmother's message of our individual and collective responsibility:

"Make your the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it."

The Family Elder Law Team has supported local charities and the community in many ways and will continue to strive to do so.  One of the ways the Team has served is by community service and leadership.  Jason has served as President of both the Lake Wales Chamber of Commerce and Lake Wales Rotary Club.  He recently completed directorship for the Lake Wales Care Center and the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  The Team looks forward to being part of the creation of a vibrant community in the years to come.  Jason and his wife Monica attend Christ Community Church in Winter Haven and believe it to be their ministry to faithfully share their abilities and gifts to those in need.